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Visma Addo is a cheaper and faster solution than sending a letter. When using Visma Addo, you are joining the Nordic regions cheapest solution for digital signatures. 


How to find your price

You only pay for the functions you use. Combine the signature solution to fit your needs and budget. You can easily select and deselect functions from time to time.

To find out what a signature costs you, you need to consider four things in the signing process:


How should the recipient be notified that a document is ready for signature?




Does the recipient need to confirm their identity to access the document?




How should the recipient sign the document?




How should the signed document be subsequently sent to the recipient?



Calculate your price

With Visma Addo you only pay for the functions you use


Credits pr. signature

The calculation can for instance look like this:

- Notifikation via e-mail og SMS (0,1 credits)
- Uden identifikation (0 credits)
- 1 touch underskrift (1 credit)
- Sendt via e-mail (0 credits)

= 7,15 DKK (1,1 credits)

(ved køb af flere credits)

- Notifikation via e-mail og SMS (0,1 credits)
- 2 faktor kode (0,1 credits)
- 1 NemID underskrift (1,25 credits)
- Sendt via e-mail (0 credits)

= 9,43 DKK (1,45 credits)

(ved køb af flere credits)

What does a credit cost?

You decide how many credits you buy - and what you spend them on. Whether you use them today, tomorrow or next year is up to you. Your credits never expire. But the more you buy the greater the discount you get.

I need of more than 5.000 credits per year?

Lets get in touch if you need a lot of credits. 

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Do you need a integrationsolution?

Visma Addo has a strong and open API that makes it easy to integrate with both standard products and specially developed professional systems.

We assist many of our customers in developing integration solutions, and are happy to make an offer.

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Your customers' data is completely secure in the short time they are in our hands. You do not commit to any subscription with Visma Addo

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