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Streamline your process with Visma Addo. It's easier for both you and your recipients. Sign documents on any device and get access to various smart features. It saves time and manual work for you and your clients - every time.

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More features and less manual work


Keep track of all transactions in the overview on the home page.

Automatic reminders

SMS or email notifications save you a lot of work.


Build your own flows to suit your business.

Google Drive

Get the signed documents directly in your Google Drive.


Recipients recognize your company logo and color everywhere.

Visma Addo Print

Send for signature directly from any Windows application.

Get rid of print and paper. Sign directly on the screen

Documents are written on a computer and to sign them, they must be printed and signed with a pen. It is time consuming and there are expenses for printer paper, postage and extra administrative tasks. Visma Addo digitizes the entire process and reduces costs.

Roles and rights

Full control over users with the option of AD integration

Mail merge

Send the same document to many recipients at once.

Secure file transfer

Send files securely and comply with every legal requirement.

Address book

Updated index with signatories and senders.

Sign on the screen or use a known identification method

Sign on the screen or use a known identification method

Ease of use is top notch, so everyone can easily sign documents with Visma Addo. It does not require an app, but is just as easy as if you had an app.

You can sign directly on the screen or use a recognized signing method such as Danish NemID, Swedish and Norwegian BankID or iDIN and EHerkenning in Holland.


Design digital forms. Save time and create a better customer experience

Design all the forms you want. You only pay when a form is filled out. It is flexible, easy and you can sign-up and use it today.


Sit back, it's all running automatically, the signature is on its way

You can easily see where in the signature process the recipient is. Has the document been received and read, has the recipient signed, or has Visma Addo sent automatic reminders for the signature? It all happens automatically and you can safely sit back and relax.

Integratable with all systems - even the specially developed ones

You can easily integrate Visma Addo with your existing IT systems, so you can create exactly the digital signature solution your business needs.

Visma Addo has a strong and open API that makes it easy to integrate with both standard products and specially developed professional systems.

We assist many of our customers in developing integration solutions, and are happy to make an offer.

Visma Addo is already integrated in...

... multiple products and industry solutions as Cubes, e-Boks, Nets, Domidont, Easycruit, Emply, Innomate, Legal Desk, MindKey, Tamigo.

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Is an electronic signature valid?

Der er ingen krav i den danske lovgivning til, hvordan en underskrift sættes. En elektronisk underskrift signeret med NemID eller tegnet på skærmen er altså lige så juridisk bindende, som en underskrift lavet med kuglepen og lever op til alle regler og krav.

En elektronisk underskrift er fuldt gyldig

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