Get your document signed - digitally, smartly and efficiently

It's easier for both you and your recipients. They can sign the document on any device and you get access to many smart extra features. It saves time and manual work for all of you - every time.


Få underskrevet dit dokument digitalt med Visma Addo

Supports every digital signatures

Illustration: Sådan fungerer digital underskrift i Visma Addo

Illustration: Sådan fungerer digital underskrift i Visma Addo

This it how it works

Visma Addo is designed to be easy to use - both for sender and receiver


More features and less manual work


Automatic reminders

SMS or email notifications save you a lot of work

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Secure archive

Send documents directly to the signer's e-Boks and get the signed documents directly to your Google Drive


Customize the signing schedule

Build your own flows to suit your business

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Strengthen your brand

Recipients recognize your company logo and color everywhere

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Mail merge

Send the same document to many recipients at once

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Sign from Office

Send for signature directly from any Windows application

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Roles and rights

Full control over users with the option of AD integration

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Keep track of all transactions in the overview on the home page

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Built-in address book

Updated index with signatories and senders

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Secure file transfer

Send files securely and comply with every legal requirement.

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Check the identity of your recipients with CPR

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The market's best prices - no subscription or binding


With Visma Addo you only pay for the functions you use. No subscriptions, bindings or anything small. Only low prices - all the way down to 5.50 DKK per. signature.

You put together your signature solution to fit your needs and budget exactly. If your needs change, you can easily select and deselect functions from time to time.


En digital blanketløsning kan nemt indhente oplysningerne

Spend less time gathering information. Receive them along with the signature

Many companies need to obtain information from users in connection with the signing process. Therefore, in collaboration with our customers, we develop self-service solutions where the user can fill in and sign standard forms directly on the company's website. Quick, easy and efficient for all parties.

We are happy to make an offer to assist your company in establishing a digital form solution.

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Integratable with all systems - even the specially developed ones

You can easily integrate Visma Addo with your existing IT systems, so you can create exactly the digital signature solution your business needs.

Visma Addo has a strong and open API that makes it easy to integrate with both standard products and specially developed professional systems.

We assist many of our customers in developing integration solutions, and are happy to make an offer.


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Visma Addo is already integrated in...

... multiple products and industry solutions as Cubes, e-Boks, Nets, Domidont, Easycruit, Emply, Innomate, Legal Desk, MindKey, Tamigo, Temponizer m.fl. They approve every agreements and documents with Visma Addo.

Visma Addo systempartners

But is an electronic signature valid?

Yes, it is. There are no requirements in Danish law for how a signature is set. An electronic signature signed with NemID or the sign on the screen is thus just as legally binding as a signature made with a ball pen and meets all rules and requirements.


En elektronisk underskrift er fuldt gyldig

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